CHHEW Spelling Bee

Enroll today for the Annual CHHEW Spelling Bee in December 2015.

The Spelling Bee is open to students in grades 1st through 8th.  The grades will be split into two groups: 1st through 4th and 5th through 8th.  The winner of the 5th through 8th grade group will be our Champion and will then take the online test.  The Champion then advances to the WCPO Bee.

What you need to know to participate:

1. Participants cannot turn 15 before August 31, 2015 and cannot advance past 8th grade by Feb 2016.

2. The cost to participate in the Spelling Bee is $10 per family for CHHEW members. Non-CHHEW members at $15 per family. It is not too late to join CHHEW.

3. We will be holding the Spelling Bee in December. The exact date and location is to be determined but will most likely be on a Friday at 10AM.

Sign up by October 14th to participate. We need a minimum of 10 families to hold the bee.  Please contact Rebekah Baggs at to register.