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2016 Career & College Fair

Do what you love! Isn’t that what they always say? Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what that is though, especially as a teen. And so, the idea of the Career Fair was inspired. On Tuesday, February 23rd from 6:45-9pm, Christian Heritage Home Educators of Wilmington (CHHEW) is sponsoring their 2nd Annual Career and College Fair.


At this event, homeschoolers (7-12th grade and their families) are invited to come and attend 4 sessions, learning about various careers. Professionals from throughout Clinton County will talk about their chosen career field, sharing what they love about their job, what it takes to do well in that field, and what degrees or certifications may be necessary. Teens will be encouraged as they gain first-hand knowledge about a variety of occupations. The evening will inspire students to continue to learn and decide which vocation may be a good fit for them.

In addition, Cedarville University, Chatfield College, Hobart Institute, Sinclair Community College, and Southern State Community College will be in attendance to share information about their programs.

Parents may attend their own sessions this year, gathering information about homeschooling the high school years, finding financial aid and scholarships for college, the college application process, and College Credit Plus.

The event will be held Tuesday, February 23rd at Calvary Baptist Church, 1920 State Route 22/3 West, Wilmington, Ohio. The cost is $3 for families that are members of CHHEW/ $6 for non-CHHEW families. You must register for the event by February 19th, 2016. Register for the fair by contacting Miranda Lamb at or 937-302-8123.

Boost Your Homeschool with Field Trips

Let’s get personal. My number one goal this year was to do more field trips. I would have never guessed that I would be the official Field Trip Coordinator of CHHEW. Who knew? My guess is that God heard my heart saying, “I need to get out more. I haven’t left Clinton County for over a month.” Especially during the winter months when you feel just a bit trapped in your home. Maybe, you are the adventureous type and shift into 4-WD and go. But this girl has had her fun in the snow and ice and prefers to stay in and get cabin fever. But not this year. Not anymore!


What can you get out of field trips? How about incorporating hands on learning. Seeing and doing leaves such a great impression on students. They will never forget the first time they grind corn or hear the bells at Carillon Park. They will recall this and apply it in their learning.


Socialization. Yes, I said it. The “S” word. Yes, you and your students will get that too. They will be with their friends and chances are you will be with yours as well. Friendships can be strengthened when doing things together.


Break up the routine. Feel like you need to shake things up? Get recharged with a planned field trip to refresh, renew your mind and spirit. Your students will have happy faces and you will feel like a rock-star.

What is happening this year? We have scheduled some awesome field trips. Some local, some out of town. Some free, some with a fee. Some history, some science, some technology.

A&M Farm Orchard (past), Heritage Village at Sharon Woods (past), Chilo Lock & Dam, R&R Tool, Apple Store at the Greene (be realistic and plan the entire day), Clinton County Court House Tour, Ceasar Creek Naturalist Program, and lastly Fort Ancient & canoeing.

RSVP on today for these exciting field trips. See you there!!!