CHHEW   Policies
(Christian Heritage Home Educators of Wilmington)

  1. Families shall not be considered active members until signed application, signed statement of faith, signed by-laws and  policies, and dues have all been received.
  2. The president and secretary and or treasurer must approve any expenses incurred for CHHEW, except monthly newsletter expenses, above the amount of $10.00. All receipts, original or hand-written must be signed and turned in.
  3. All members are encouraged to home school according to state law.
  4. The successes of each event depend on the participation of parents, such as in planning, executing, set-up and clean up.
  5. Leadership in any support group activity is open only to active members.
  6. Participation in any support group activity is open to members and guests.
  7. Courtesy to activity organizers is expected by recognizing deadlines (for example, field trip sign-up), age-grade limits, and    financial arrangements.
  8. The support group does not carry any insurance for your children. Parents are expected to carry their own insurance.    Parents will not hold the support group and/or organizers of activities liable in the event children are injured.
  9. If children attend parent meetings, they must sit quietly with parents (unless other provision has been made for them.)
  10. All monies shall be made payable to CHHEW.
  11. Website guidelines:
    1. The Website Administrator/Leadership of CHHEW reserve the right to edit or refuse publication of anything submitted/posted to the website at their discretion.
    2. CHHEW members may submit personal classified ads at no charge. Ads may only run twice and after expire 6 months..
    3. CHHEW website will not accept any paid advertisements.
  12. Email policies:
    1. Email updates can be used only for urgent prayer requests concerning immediate members of CHHEW families, legislative alerts concerning home education rights, family issues and religious liberties and changes and/or cancellation or group activities. Email updates will be sent weekly.
    2. CHHEW email addresses are to be used solely for official CHHEW announcements. Only leadership of CHHEW has authority to send a message using the CHHEW addresses. Outside educational groups/opportunities may be given as many as three emails a year, with appropriate deadlines, at the discretion of the current board.
  13. Leadership of CHHEW reserves the right to edit or refuse forwarding of anything submitted to email at their discretion.
  14. Field trip policies:
    1. The field trip coordinator will determine reservation deadline. Form and payment, if applicable, must be made in person or by mail.
    2. Cancellations will be refunded when possible, if advance notice is given. No- shows (no prior notice) will NOT be A $5.00 handling fee per family will be charged for no-shows, as well as any additional costs for non-reimbursable tickets. NO EXCEPTIONS (When we arrange a field trip for 40, we want 40 to attend, not 10.)
    3. Children are expected to be polite, respectful, attentive, and courteous. Parents are responsible for their children’s behavior and actions. Remember, our children’s behavior will not only reflect on us as parents, but on home education as a whole. Therefore, try to keep your children grouped with you during tours to help uphold this policy. If there is a behavior problem during a field trip, the field trip leader has the authority to ask you to leave the tour. For teens, there will be no public display of affection between non-family members during CHHEW sponsored activities.
    4. Non-member families will be charged $5.00 per family for each CHHEW field trip they attend (even the free ones). The exception to this policy will be in the case of helpers, such as grandparents of member children, who can attend at no extra cost. Helpers may not bring non-members with them.
  15. CHHEW Leadership team is only required to pay membership dues equal to the website fee.  Currently the fee is $7.00.

Updated as of August 3, 2015.