Christian Heritage Home Educators of Wilmington



A. The name of this organization shall be Christian Heritage Home Educators of Wilmington (CHHEW).

B. The purposes of this organization are:

  1. To provide support, encouragement and fellowship to Christian families who are home educating their children.
  2. To provide information about and promote awareness of Christian home education.

C.  Home school defined: A home school is defined as a parent/guardian who provides annual notification of home schooling to the appropriate superintendent (Ohio code 3301-34-03), directs 51% or more of the education, and is personally responsible for funding the education (Ohio code 3301-34-01). A second option (allowed by HSLDA and Ohio code 3301-35-08) is for Non-Chartered (“08” schools.) These are allowed if the parent is the administrator. The “08” school parent must have a bachelor’s degree and oppose government-controlled education because of religious beliefs.


A.  Privileges:

  1. Member families must sign the CHHEW statement of faith.
  2. Member families will receive membership privileges when dues are paid in full.
  3. Member families will be allowed one vote concerning CHHEW business.
  4. Only member families may teach, hold office, or serve on committees.

B. Qualifications and Requirements:

  1. Member families must be home educating as per Article I, C.
  2. All member families agree to waive any and all claims, actions, or right of action,  which they may have against the organization, or any of its officers or members, which may arise from activities of any member family of the organization by reason of the purpose and nature of this organization.

C. Dues:

  1. Annual dues are $25.00 payable to the treasurer at the time of application, or no later than August 31st  of each year.  After August  31st, dues are thirty dollars ($30.00).
  2. Dues and other moneys received shall be used to pay expenses related to social event expenses, fees to web-site provider, and operation expenses upon president, treasurer and/or secretary approval.
  1. All moneys and transactions are to comply with the CHHEW Guidelines for Financial

     Accountability Including Policy and Procedures.

D. Non-payment of dues:

  1. Any member family who has not paid their current dues by September 30th will have their membership privileges and group participation suspended.
  2. A member family may be reinstated to active status upon immediate payment of arrears in full.

E. Non-member participation: Non-members may participate in CHHEW activities (field trips, etc.) for a $5.00 charge per family per event excluding by-law required quarterly meetings and skating parties which may be attended with no charge.


A.  There shall be the following elected officers, which shall comprise the leadership team:

  1. President
  2. First Vice-president/Hospitality Coordinator
  3. Activities Vice-president (Field Trips)
  4. Secretary
  5. Treasurer/Membership Coordinator

B. Potential officers and committee coordinators must comply with the CHHEW Guidelines for Officer Eligibility.

C.  An officer that doesn’t comply with their responsibilities may be relieved of office by majority vote of the leadership team.  Appointment of a replacement shall be made by the president with the approval of the leadership team.


A.  Nominations:

  1. A nominating committee consisting of a chairperson and no more than two other members shall be appointed by the president three (3) months before elections.
  2. Report of the nominating committee shall be made in April.

B.  Elections:

  1. An elections committee of two members shall be appointed by the president to conduct the elections.
  2. Elections shall be by secret ballot.
  3. Elections shall be held in May.
  4. Transition of leadership: Outgoing officers shall turn over all CHHEW material to incoming officers in the presence of two other officers.


A.  The president shall:

  1. Preside over all meeting of the leadership team, general meetings, and any special meetings.
  2. Appoint committee coordinators with approval of the leadership team.
  3. Make interim appointments as needed with the approval of the leadership team.
  4. Serve as an ex-officio member of committees.
  5. Call special meetings when necessary.

B.  The first vice-resident shall:

  1. Preside over meeting in the absence of the president.
  2. Perform such other duties as assigned by the president.
  3. Succeed to the presidency after completion of term, if possible.
  4. Coordinate hospitality efforts toward new member families.

C.  The treasurer/membership vice-president shall:

  1. Keep new member packets up to date and provide a current membership list.
  2. Mail packets to prospective members as requested (postage paid by CHHEW).
  3. Receive new membership applications and information and forward information to the leadership team.
  4. Have charge of all funds of CHHEW.
  5. Present a monthly or quarterly (whichever is deemed necessary by the president) financial report.
  6. Make an annual financial report to the membership.
  7. Comply with all CHHEW Guidelines for Financial Accountability Including Policy and Procedures per by-laws.

D.  The activities vice-president shall:

  1. Coordinate field trips.
  2. Coordinate group events.
  3. Work with any current coordinators concerning activities monitoring appropriate public relations. Perform such other duties as needed and agreed to.

E.  The secretary shall:

  1. Record attendance and take notes at all leadership meetings.
  2. Record attendance and take notes at monthly support group meetings.
  3. Receive and record information from membership vice-president.
  4. Keep and file all membership applications and all other miscellaneous business related material.


A.  There shall be regularly scheduled meetings and or events.

B.  Special meetings may be called by the president or leadership team. Upon written notice of five (5) members, the president shall call a meeting.  Notice of special meetings shall be given to the membership at least seven (7) days in advance.

C.  A quorum for conducting business at a regular or special meeting of the membership shall be not less the two-thirds of the active members present.


A.  Charges or working against the principles and purposes of CHHEW, and or injuring the standing of a member family shall be dealt with according to Matthew 18:15-17.

B.  The member family may be suspended by a two-thirds (2/3) vote or expelled by three-fourths (3/4) vote of the membership.


The by-laws may be amended or revised by an affirmative vote of two-thirds (2/3) of all active member families present at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.  Copies of proposed amendments shall be given to members in writing at least one (1) month prior to the meeting.


Should CHHEW be dissolved, material possessions and monies shall be given to a like-minded home school organization after any and all bills have been paid.  The leadership team will choose a recipient organization.

These by-laws were updated and approved by members per ballots in May, 2004, May, 2007 and October 2010.