2015 Arts Midwest World Fest Workshop


CHHEW will be there on October 26h, 2015. Classes are 9:30 (K-6th grade) and 11:00 (7th – 12th grade). This event is FREE at the beautiful Murphy Theatre in downtown Wilmington, Ohio.   Please RSVP on Bigtent.com.

The Aysenur Kolivar Ensemble celebrates the music and culture of Turkey.
Turkey is a predominantly Muslim country located in both Asia and southeastern Europe, bordered by eight neighboring countries and the Mediterranean, Black, and Aegean Seas. Turkey’s rich heritage as a crossroad for Europe and Asia created a diverse social landscape that is a mixture of traditions, languages, and peoples from across Anatolia, the Balkans, Asia, and the Middle East. Contemporary Turkish cultural expressions celebrate multiple traditions and create shared spaces for innovation and artistic exploration.

Below is a short description of educational activities that artists will conduct in K-12 classrooms and public workshops during their fall 2015 Arts Midwest World Fest residency tour. This document offers general descriptions, and activities will be modified to respond to audience size, age level, and time allotted.

Artist Introduction
Backed by an intimate, three member ensemble, Turkish folk singer Aysenur Kolivar will take audiences on an exploration of the musical soundscapes and folkloric traditions of her Black Sea heritage. The group will share folk songs, stories and musical instruments of Black Sea culture.
Musicians and Instrumentation
Aysenur Kolivar​vocals
Alpay Surucu​accordion
Onur Şenturk ​kemancha, tulum (bagpipe)
Onur Dedetas ​percussion

Educational Workshop Structure
Running Time
Total workshop time will be 45-55 minutes (flexible depending on time allotted).
Introduction (5-10 minutes)
Aysenur Kolivar will introduce the band and then speak a bit about the Anatolian Black Sea region of Turkey and how she represents its culture through music. She will give historical and social context about what distinguishes the musical traditions of the Black Sea region and how she came to be considered one of the foremost interpreters of this music.
Demonstration (10-15 minutes)
Aysenur Kolivar and her band will introduce and demonstrate several of the instruments that are featured in traditional and contemporary Black Sea music including:

▪ kemancha (three-stringed folk instrument similar to a fiddle)
▪ tulum (a variation on a bagpipe)
▪ accordion
▪ hand percussion

The group will then perform several full songs to give the audience a sense of how these instruments sound together.
Interaction: Black Sea sing-a-long (10 minutes)
The audience will learn a traditional Black Sea song to sing (and maybe even dance) with the band.
Question and Answer
In the time remaining, Aysenur Kolivar and her band will be available to answer questions from the audience. Aysenur and her band members all speak English as a second language. They should be able to answer most any question between their varying English abilities.