Looking for encouragement and support as you educate your children for the Lord’s glory?

Become a member of CHHEW and join other local like-minded homeschooling families for fellowship, field trips, roller skating and other special events scheduled throughout the school year. Being part of a local home-school group helps make your school year more enjoyable by providing education helps and social opportunities for both parent and student.

If you are interested in joining CHHEW, please use the join button.

Please note that as a homeschool support group, we restrict membership to those who are engaged in home education as defined by Ohio Administrative Code 3301-34-03. This means that those who use virtual/cyber schools or have enrolled their children in a private school are not eligible for membership. Technically, virtual schools like Ohio Virtual Academy or Ohio Connections Academy are defined by law as public school students.

If you have any questions, please use the contact button.

CHHEW is led by a member elected team:

    • Sara Kirkendall: President
    • Carla Storer: Vice-president/Activities Director
    • Michelle Persing: Treasurer
    • Amber Haines:  Event Coordinator
    • Shared responsibilities: Secretary/Communications